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Friday July 01

Executive Summary Omran for Strategic Studies conducted a survey of the local councils operating in areas under
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تعرف على مشاريعهم في تركيا.. قادة من حي القابون، أصبحوا أثرياء باسم الثورة https://t.co/hP379BaZYF
من يتجاهل حجم الاستقطاب الطائفي الحاد الذي تمخضت عنه حالة الحرب التي قاد الأسد البلاد إليها ، يكون كمن يريد أن... https://t.co/ucTfBOALRA
RT @OmranDirasat: "#Russia’s Brittle Strategic Pillars in #Syria" by @AymanDas1 in @CH_MENAP (With political control fragmented among loc…
Damascus December 7, inside sources, reported that Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham-affiliated combatants who were not pre-war…
Friday December 15
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With unreliable allies and a lack of experience with local power dynamics, Russia’s influence in…
Thursday December 14
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Damascus November 11, unconfirmed reports indicated that Jaish Al-Islam and the Government of Russia reached an…
Thursday November 16
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October 26, SDF forces had opened fire on civilians, originally from Al-Minshiye neighborhood, who were demonstrating…
Thursday November 02
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