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Friday July 01

Executive Summary Omran for Strategic Studies conducted a survey of the local councils operating in areas under
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The abolition of the electoral process in the city of #Almkhram in #Homs despite the existence of independent can… https://t.co/6oZgZDl2ut
The abolition of ballot boxes in the city of Tal-kallekh in #Homs after the withdrawal of independents from the ele… https://t.co/A0zttbEtWh
The parents of some students in Homs complained about the pressure of their children's schools to ask their parents… https://t.co/iVTIErAxL5
As usual , the Syrian regime at every electoral entitlement, the local administration elections were held on offic… https://t.co/m1RUGt9avG
  This updated map of Idlib Province and its surroundings (Western Aleppo and Northern Hama),…
Wednesday August 15
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Executive Summary The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) project faces a number of challenges, including repeated…
Thursday July 26
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This report presents a brief account of latest developments in southern Syria, covering the Daraa…
Thursday July 19
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Updated Influence report and map of Syria 22 June 2018 with % of Gains &…
Monday June 25
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