Fellow Researcher at Omran for Strategic Studies concentrating on governance and local councils, de-radicalization, Islamism, Kurdish National Movement, and Middle-East new regional order. He earned his PhD in IT security from the University of Technology in Compiègne in France and has published a number of studies in Worm propagation in P2P networks, and in Networks Vulnerability Detection. He previously worked as the Executive Director of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) media office, since its establishment in late 2012 until September 2014. Hatahet was one of the first Syrian bloggers’ generation in 2004, and later founded the collective blog http://www.the-syrian.com. In 2013, he co-founded Radio Al Kul in April 2013 to address the consequences of the intensive attacks on civilians in Syria as a source of news and information as well as public awareness campaigns.

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Thursday February 25

Abstract: The statement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria released on February 22, 2016 following meetings
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RT @HaidHaid22: My latest paper on the different tactics used by Syrian civil society groups to resist Hayat Tahrir al-Sham https://t.co/c
Candid analysis of the Turkish intervention in Idlib, a must read. @AbuJamajem https://t.co/XwDMaTTFwE
RT @AJStudies: #ندوة_المسألة_الكردية المتحدث @Hatahet اليوم الثاني ل #ندوة "الديناميات الجديدة للمسألة الكردية وآفاقها المستقبلية" التي ي…
@AbuJamajem Also keep an eye on the almost daily assassinations of HTS most radical members. This too, could be a peice of a larger puzzle.
Damascus December 7, inside sources, reported that Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham-affiliated combatants who were not pre-war…
Friday December 15
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With unreliable allies and a lack of experience with local power dynamics, Russia’s influence in…
Thursday December 14
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Damascus November 11, unconfirmed reports indicated that Jaish Al-Islam and the Government of Russia reached an…
Thursday November 16
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October 26, SDF forces had opened fire on civilians, originally from Al-Minshiye neighborhood, who were demonstrating…
Thursday November 02
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