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Friday July 01

Executive Summary Omran for Strategic Studies conducted a survey of the local councils operating in areas under
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RT @OmranDirasat: في إطار تعزيز سبل التعاون، زار رئيس مجلس إدارة @sa_council، الدكتور زكي لبابيدي @VPoSAC، والمديرة التنفيذية سوزان مريدن@s
RT @SyrianACD: Representatives of @SyrianACD addressing diplomats from the International Syria Support Group made up of more than 20 countr…
RT @SyrianACD: كجزء من التشاور المستمر مع منظمات المجتمع المدني و الناشطين، الرابطة السورية لكرامة المواطن ستقيم نشاطا للجاليات المحلية في…
RT @SyrianACD: As part of our consultations with communities and civil society activists in Europe, SACD will hold town hall meetings in Fr…
Executive Summary Iran, a major ally and enabler of the Syrian regime, is increasingly engaged…
Friday November 15
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Executive Summary Hezbollah has been heavily reliant on Iran’s generosity, to fund its operation, with…
Friday June 14
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Introduction Iran was present in Syria from the very beginning of the revolution and was…
Monday April 15
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Omran Center for Strategic Studies launched the outcome of its research project, which began on…
Wednesday April 10
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