Abstract: The fall of Aleppo is not the end of the opposition in Syria, but perhaps marks the beginning of a Russian attempt to consolidate spheres of influence that are controlled by its regional allies and then push for a…
Saturday December 31
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This article aims to provide a set of recommendations to the Syrian opposition’s decision makers about how to deal with the leaked images of war crimes committed by the Syrian regime in its prisons. They should take into consideration that…
Saturday August 23
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Omran Center for Strategic Studies organized a workshop in partnership with and hosted by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy…
Sunday October 22
Mr. Yaser Tabbara board member of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies. And by Sinan Hatahet answered several important question…
Monday October 30
Mr. Yaser Tabbara Researcher at Omran Center for Strategic Studies, poses the question of international accountability in Syria's war, after…
Thursday October 19
Dr. Ammar Al Kahf on 7th of October talking about Turkey's Idlib Operation, he said that there was a delay…
Thursday October 19
Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks about on the latest in Aleppo
Sunday December 18
Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks about cessation deal reached by US and Russia
Saturday September 10
Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks About Turkey's Euphrates Shield operation in Syria
Monday August 29
Dr. Ammar Kahf commented on the latest developments in Aleppo where over 300,000 residents are now under seige. Dr. Kahf…
Monday August 01
Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks About Ceasefires Syria
Thursday May 12