Co-Founder, Executive Director of Omran for Strategic Studies, and Board Member of the Syrian Forum. He earned his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies Interdisciplinary Program, University of California, Los Angeles with subfield focus: political science, history and sociology. His dissertation research was entitled: Syrian Authoritarianism: Persistence or Change. In 2011-2012 he was the Research Manager at the Strategic Research and Communications Center in the United Kingdom. He served as the Chief of Staff to Secretary General of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (2012 –2013). Research work focusses on geopolitical political studies, transitional period comparative studies, local governance, and economic development.

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Saturday December 31

Abstract: The fall of Aleppo is not the end of the opposition in Syria, but perhaps marks the beginning of a Russian

Monday August 29

Abstract: The Syrian uprising took the regional powers by surprise and was able to disrupt the regional balance of
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RT @Ihsan_R_D: Read Musab's story, who was able to return to harvesting his field with support from an agriculture project in northern Syri…
RT @OmranDirasat: أصدرت وحدة المعلومات بمركز عمران تقريراً خاصاً بعنوان: "الواقع الحوكمي و #إعادة_الإعمار في مناطق #النظام_السوري خلال شهر…
RT @OmranDirasat: تظهر المؤشرات ذات الصلة ضعف مصداقية انتخابات #الإدارة_المحلية ولامبالاة المواطنين تجاهها، كذلك تفرد #حزب_البعث بالحصة الأ…
  This updated map of Idlib Province and its surroundings (Western Aleppo and Northern Hama),…
Wednesday August 15
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Executive Summary The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) project faces a number of challenges, including repeated…
Thursday July 26
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This report presents a brief account of latest developments in southern Syria, covering the Daraa…
Thursday July 19
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Updated Influence report and map of Syria 22 June 2018 with % of Gains &…
Monday June 25
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