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Mr. Yaser Tabbara talking about Assad’s Idlib offensive

Mr. Yaser Tabbara talked about the Syrian regime troops, and their allies, had made major gains in Idlib province. Forces loyal to Bashar al Assad say they're targeting terrorists. But tens of thousands of people are fleeing towards the Turkish border, in what could create a new humanitarian disaster.

Strait Talk: Panel discussion with Yaser Tabbara and Sinan Hatahet on the latest in Raqqa

Mr. Yaser Tabbara board member of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies. And by Sinan Hatahet answered several important question in regard of Raqqah operation and what is the current condition after U.S. and their ground Allies "PYD" took control of the city from "ISIS". Mr. Yaser talked about the…

Mr. Yaser Tabbara poses the question of international accountability in Syria's war

Mr. Yaser Tabbara Researcher at Omran Center for Strategic Studies, poses the question of international accountability in Syria's war, after a regime soldier has been prosecuted for a war crime. Mohammed Abdullah claimed asylum in Sweden in 2015. But activists recognized him from online photo, smiling, surrounded by dead bodies.…

Dr. Ammar kahf talking about Turkey's Idlib Operation

Dr. Ammar Al Kahf on 7th of October talking about Turkey's Idlib Operation, he said that there was a delay of the operation in order to contain elements from HTS "Al Qaida" and not to start a fight with them in order to save many life's of civilians, he added…

TRT World Interview with Ammar Kahf about on the latest in Aleppo

Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks about on the latest in Aleppo

TRT World Interview with Ammar Kahf about cessation deal reached by US and Russia

Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks about cessation deal reached by US and Russia

TRT World Interview with Ammar Kahif about Turkey's Euphrates Shield operation in Syria

Dr. Ammar Kahf Talks About Turkey's Euphrates Shield operation in Syria

TRT World -Interview with Dr. Ammar Kahf about safe passages out of Syria

Dr. Ammar Kahf commented on the latest developments in Aleppo where over 300,000 residents are now under seige. Dr. Kahf said the regime and its allies have been systematically using hunger nad starvation and beseiging cities as a tool of war. A sustainable solution should be reached through UNSC 2254…

TRT World - Interview with Dr. Ammar Kahf on Kerry's Meetings in Geneva

Dr. Ammar Talks About Kerry's Role in Reaching a Politial Solution in Syria and De Mistrua's Meeting with Kerry in Geneva
Executive Summary Hezbollah has been heavily reliant on Iran’s generosity, to fund its operation, with…
Friday June 14
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Introduction Iran was present in Syria from the very beginning of the revolution and was…
Monday April 15
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Omran Center for Strategic Studies launched the outcome of its research project, which began on…
Wednesday April 10
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Executive Summary The Syrian-Iranian Business Forum opened in Damascus in January 2019. In attendance were…
Sunday March 10
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