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Tuesday March 31

Executive Summary to Original Arabic Paper: Within the "Trinity of Leadership" approach which employed a sectarian

Tuesday December 10

Executive Summary This study examines the constitutional question in Syria from various political perspectives. The

Friday June 14

Executive Summary Hezbollah has been heavily reliant on Iran’s generosity, to fund its operation, with

Wednesday April 10

Omran Center for Strategic Studies launched the outcome of its research project, which began on 3 January 2018,

Thursday July 26

Executive Summary The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) project faces a number of challenges, including

Monday October 23

This book is a result of a 10-month long project that included a series of papers, consultations, and workshop on

Friday July 14

Executive Summary Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), exemplifies how international extremist jihadi

Tuesday June 13

Executive Summary The de-escalation zones from the latest Astana meeting on Syria aimed to freeze the conflict
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