Autonomous Administration's Political Performance Since 2019: Control Mechanisms

Middle East, Syria Samer Alahmad
Introduction The Autonomous Administration of Northeastern Syria, established in 2013, governs a vast swath of Syrian territory, notable for its ethnic, religious, and social diversity. Adopting a federal structure, this administration significantly influences local governance dynamics. This summary reviews a…

From Settlement to Captagon: The Security Dynamics in Syria’s Daraa

Middle East, Syria Fadil Hanci
The Captagon problem has been one of the most critical security dilemmas for Jordan, due to the increasing attempts of drug and weapon trafficking into its borders that became a threat to Jordan’s national security according to a formal assessment paper,…

Gaza War: The Responses of Syria’s Local Actors

Middle East, Syria Fadil Hanci
Given Syria's involvement in the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948, solidarity with Palestine has been a fundamental element within Syria's political culture. Regarding Syria's local actors’ stances on Gaza war (Syrian regime, Syrian opposition, “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham”, and “Syrian Democratic Forces”),…

Military Field Court: Nullification and a No Change Approach

Syria Muhammed El Fakir, Muhsen Al Mustafa
On September 3, 2023, Bashar al-Assad announced Legislative Decree 32 of 2023(1), which nullified Legislative Decree 109 of 1968 and its subsequent amendments. Which eventually had established the Military Field Court(2). With this new decree, all ongoing cases will be transferred to…

Normalizing with the Assad regime, Different Approaches at Different Levels

Syria Baraa Khurfan, Navvar Şaban
From the beginning of the Syrian uprising, several Arab countries were almost unanimous in isolating the Syrian regime to punish it for its violations of Arab League resolutions and the rights of the Syrian people. This approach was translated by…
Tuesday April 30
Omran Center for Strategic Studies with Support from SPI organized a side event at the 8th Brussels Conference on Supporting the Syrian people. The panel was entitled: "Harnessing Economic Autonomy…
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Tuesday April 09
  Concept Note for Side Event at the 8th Brussels Conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” Harnessing Economic Autonomy for Peace: Reimagining Syria’s Path Forward Date:…
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Friday November 24
Early recovery in Syria stands out as one of the most significant variables that has started to take shape in recent years. There are indications of varying dynamics in early…
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