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Statement Solidarity to Counter Repercussions of the Earthquake in Syria

10- February- 2023 The earthquake that struck southern Turkey, and northern and western Syria caused heavy casualties, exceeding thousands of dead and missing, and hundreds of thousands of displaced people, with massive destruction of infrastructure and deterioration of basic living conditions. This new shocking catastrophe exacerbated the suffering of all…

Dr. Ammar Kahf | How important is the conflict in Syria to the EU?

Dr. Ammar Kahf, executive director of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies, commented on the Brussels donor conference, saying, "The pledges were better than expected, except that the focus was always on the aid approach rather than the systematic empowerment approach that the Syrian people need to create more jobs.…

Dr. Ammar Kahf | Syrian opposition and Assad regime agree to Russian-brokered agreement for Daraa al-Balad

Dr. Ammar Kahf, Executive Director of Omran Center for Strategic Studies shared his analysis on TRT World regarding recent developments in Daraa al-Balad, the current talks brokered by the Russians, and the humanitarian conditions. on the recent talks between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian regime in under the direct…

Navvar Saban | Iran Is Trying to Convert Syria to Shiism

Navvar Saban, a field expert at the Omran Center, said in his recent interview with FP "foreign policy" Since 2017, Iran focused on building and enhancing their relationships with different Syrian communities. It carried out its operations with a different approach towards infiltrating local communities, especially by purchasing real state in…

Dr. Ammar Kahf | Participation in TRT World Forum Expert Roundtable

Dr. Ammar Kahf, Executive director of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies Participated in TRT World Forum Expert Roundtable while talking about "The Future of the Arab World: 10 years after the Arab Spring"   for more:https:

Navvar Saban | Will Syrian regime launch new battles in opposition regions?

Navar Saban, expert in military situation at the Omran Center for Strategic Studies in Istanbul talking with Enab Baladi about the recent military developments in southern Idlib and mainly near the M4 and the possible scenario for the M4 agreement. Source:

Dr. Ammar Kahf | Will the Caesar Act defeat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad?

Dr. Ammar Kahf, Executive director of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies participated as a guest on Inside Story at Aljazeera English to discuss the latest Caesar Act and its impact on the Syrian regime. He highlighted that the root cause of torture, death, destruction and hunger has always been…

Dr. Ammar Kahf | US sanctions on Assad regime "Caesar Act"

Dr. Ammar Kahf, Executive Director of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies gave his perspective on unpacks the new US sanctions on the Syrian regime on TRT WORLD channel.

Navar Saban | Turkish military visit raises fears of Syrian operation

Navar Saban, a military analyst at the Omran Center for Strategic Studies in Istanbul, said an imminent operation is unlikely, due to the increasing cost of a military move. “Logistically speaking, it doesn’t make sense to launch another operation in an area that has this many complexities, including a Russian…

Dr. Ammar Kahf | Economic challenges in Syria

Dr. Ammar Kahf, the executive director of Omran Center for Strategic Studies, gave a comment on the latest developments regarding the economic challenges are facing Assad`s regime,  to "THE MEDIA LINE" website. to read the full report please follow the Link: "Upheaval in Syria’s First Family No Surprise"  
General summary During May 2023, the majority of Arab countries moved towards fully restoring relations…
Thursday June 08
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Executive Summary This report provides an overview of the key events in Syria during April,…
Thursday May 11
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Introduction Following the devastating earthquake that struck cities in southern Turkey and northern Syria on…
Tuesday April 11
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Executive summary There is a prevailing pattern in salary increase process in syria along two…
Monday January 23
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