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Monday October 17

Introduction and Methodology Early economic recovery aims to support local communities in returning to a stable and

Friday August 26

After being accused of kidnappings, the regime-backed Fajer militia experienced wide-scale hostility from local Sweida

Tuesday November 09

Executive Summary This paper provides an illustrative overview and assessment of the chain of command inside the

Monday July 05

The 2021 Syrian Presidential Elections have unanimously been described as a farce. It comes as no surprise that Assad

Monday March 22

Executive Summary After taking control east of the Euphrates, the Autonomous Administration (AA) has endured a host

Tuesday March 31

Executive Summary to Original Arabic Paper: Within the "Trinity of Leadership" approach which employed a sectarian

Tuesday December 10

Executive Summary This study examines the constitutional question in Syria from various political perspectives. The

Friday June 14

Executive Summary Hezbollah has been heavily reliant on Iran’s generosity, to fund its operation, with
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