Statistics and Maps

Sahada kamuoyu yoklamaları ve bilgi toplama çalışmaları yaparak elde edilen verilen kapsamlı bir çerçevede istatistiksel olarak sunumu ve açıklayıcı haritaların oluşturulması sağlanmaktadır.

Analysis and policies

Politik karar ve uygulamaların analiz edilerek okunması ve tartışması yapılarak olası sonuçlarına ilişkin önlemlere yönelik detaylı analiz çalışmaları yapılmaktadır.

Reports and periodicals

Basında çıkan haberler medya raporları ve ortak ilgi alanları bulunan stratejik merkezlerin araştırmalarının bilimsel olarak izlenmesi ve arşivlenmesi yapılmakta olup bunların yanında; askeri raporlar, gündem raporları, yerel meclis raporları ve yardım kuruluşları faaliyet kılavuzları bulunmaktadır. 

This unit includes Syrian and international academics and experts who focus on reaching out to think tanks and policy centers with similar interests to build partnerships. It also provides decision-makers in other countries the latest studies and analysis of the political and military situation in Syria. The Turkish Affairs Department was established and operates in Turkey. We also hold functions and briefings in the US and Europe.

This technical unit includes Syrian and international experts that empower Syrian actors and decision-makers with the tools, information and analysis necessary for any negotiation process. It focuses on political, military, security and public services tracks.

The Information Unit specializes in collecting data that is key for a better understanding of Syrian and regional affairs. It also offers support to the research unit by constantly monitoring and archiving news and information received from the ground and abroad, producing special reports, bulletins, and maps.
Furthermore, it tracks products by think tanks and policy centers relating to Syria to make available to Syrian and other decision-makers.
This unit includes two teams:
-    Monitoring and Maps Production
-    Public Opinions Polls and Surveys

The Research Unit focusses on analyzing the Syrian scene through political, military, economic and local administration dimensions, and assessing the impact of changes within it on regional and international affairs. It presents recommendations and projections for decision-makers in Syria. Researchers strive to put forward an accurate, realistic and objective assessment of the challenges and opportunities faced by Syria and circulate it to experts on Syrian affairs.
The Research Unit focusses on three tracks:
-    Economics and Development
-    Politics and International Relations
-    Local Administration & Promotion of Democratic Practices

-   Established in November 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.
-   A research institution that serves as an essential reference on Syrian affairs in political, Local Administration, and development sectors.
-  Publishes studies and policy briefs that empower relevant actors and institutions working on Syrian affairs, supports decision-making mechanisms, and assess a complex set of data to present analytical maps and recommendations.
-   Conducts round-table discussions, seminars and workshops that promote a more systematic and methodical culture of decision-making among Syria’s future leaders.

Our Vision
An independent think tank and policy center focusing on presenting an objective understanding of Syria and the region in order to become a reference for public policies impacting the region.


-    Support decision-making mechanisms and presenting strategies on Syrian affairs.
-    Provide practical solutions and policy recommendations to decision-makers.
-    Publish policy studies that identify challenges within the Syrian context and the region, and foresee scenarios and alternative solutions.
-    Publish papers in several languages to facilitate interaction with international actors.
-    Contribute to the accumulation of knowledge that best serves the Syrian issue.

Omran Core Values
-    Adhere to professional standards in describing and analyzing the complex reality.
-    Adopt an appropriate research methodology.
-    Enrich and develop our research team.
-    Adapt to changing conditions and needs.
-    Localize and adapt concepts and solutions to the Syrian and regional cultural andpolitical contexts.
-    Open to different orientations and methodologies through dialogue and bridgebuilding