Discussion session: about the developments in Syrian situation

Syria Dr. Yaser Tabbara, Navvar Şaban, Omran Center
On 28th September 2019, Syrian American Council and Syrian Forum USA organized an event for the Syrian community at Syriana Cafe & Gallery in Maryland state. Omran Center for Studies board member Mr. Yaser Tabbara, and Omran’s Information Unit Manager…

Developments in regard of the Syria

Syria Dr. Yaser Tabbara, Navvar Şaban, Omran Center
Omran Center for Strategic Studies board member Mr. Yasser Tabbara, and Omran’s information unit manager Navvar Saban attended a round table hosted by Middle East Institute (MEI) in their main office in Washington DC on the 24th of September 2019.They…

Discussion Session: about the final report for the Syria Study Group (SSG).

Syria Dr. Yaser Tabbara, Navvar Şaban
In Washington, 26 Sep 2019. Omran Center Senior Fellow Yaser Tabbara and Information Unit Manager Navvar Saban attended the release of the final report for the Syria Study Group (SSG). This session organized by United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to…

Special Operations Policy Forum

Syria, Terrorism and Security, USA Dr. Sinan Hatahet
Dr. Sinan Hatahet, Senior Fellow at Omran Center for Strategic Studies, participated in a panel entitled: What Follows the Fall of ISIS’s “Caliphate”. This was part of the Special Operations Policy Forum in Washington, DC Organized by New America on…

The Future of the Conflict in Syria

Syria Dr. Sinan Hatahet
In coordination with Omran Center For Strategic Studies, Syrian American Council, and Syrian Forum USA a discussion session was coordinated on 14 Sep 2019, in Washington DC in America entitled "The Future of the Conflict in Syria" and what will…

Syrian refuges in Turkey and the current security situation

Migration and Refugees, Syria, Turkey Navvar Şaban
Navvar Saban, Omran Center military expert and the Information Unit manager participated in a workshop on 20June 2019, about Syrian refuges in Turkey and the current security situation, which is the main reason behind the large number of refugees in…

The Future of Syria: Towards Inclusive Peacebuilding

Local councils, Syria Dr. Sinan Hatahet, Omran Center
Today, Dr. Sinan Hatahet participated on the conference which was organizing by Chatham House to brings together policymakers, experts, academics and civil society leaders to identify the main institutional and Stabilization in Syria, and to offer policy recommendations in support…

Commemorating 8 years of the Syrian revolution

Local councils, Syria Omran Center
In Washington 9 March, Dr.Ammar Kahf from Omran For Strategic Studies talked about the importance of nurturing independent civil societies at Syrian American Council's event on Commemorating 8 years of the Syrian revolution.

Emerging Security Dynamics and the Political Settlement in Syria

Local councils, Russia, Syria, Terrorism and Security, Turkey, İran Bedir Mulla Rashid, Dr. Ammar Khaf
Omran Center for Strategic Studies collaboration with The Syracusa International Institute, held a workshop on “Emerging Security Dynamics and the Political Settlement in Syria” in Syracusa, Italy, on 18-19 October. The workshop brought together experts from UN, EU, France, Germany,…

Future of peace and stability in Syria

Local councils, Syria Dr. Ammar Khaf, Hadia El Omari
Omran for Strategic Studies led a panel discussion in Washington, DC on 20 March 2018. The panel in partnership with the American Relief Coalition for Syria, brought together experts from inspiring Syrian humanitarian and research organizations to discuss the current…
 Executive Summary The uprising in Al-Suwayda Governorate reached its eighth month by April 2024, advocating…
Friday June 07
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General Summary This report provides an overview of the key events in Syria during the…
Thursday June 06
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Executive Summary Throughout 2023, northwestern Syria, particularly Aleppo and Idlib provinces, witnessed the implementation of…
Monday June 03
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The topic of early recovery is currently a focal point among UN circles and donor…
Thursday May 16
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