Administrative Divisions and the Conundrum of National/Local Identity Formation in Syria

Syria Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj, Zedoun Al-Zoubi
This policy paper could not have been possible without contributions provided through the courtesy of: Executive Summary For decades the Syrian government has proclaimed that the demarcation of subnational administrative divisions was an apolitical process based on purely administrative and…

Post-War Generation Needs.. Educational Gaps in Northwest Syria as a Model

Syria Omran Center
Executive Summary Education, along with its continuity, serves as a cornerstone of "early recovery". It plays a decisive role in maintaining the intellectual and cognitive development of the post-war generation. The significance of education is underscored by its unique role…

Soft Tools of the Assad Regime: “The National Union of Syrian Students as a Model”

Syria yaman zabad
Executive Summary The announcement of the establishment of the National Union of Syrian Students took place in April 1963. However, the Union remained without an official status and was not legally recognized until 1966 when Decree No. 130 was issued.…

An Assessment of Earthquake Response by Civilian Actors in Syrian Regime-Controlled Areas

Syria Omran Center
Introduction Following the devastating earthquake that struck cities in southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6th, 2023, the civil society in Syria has mobilized in both areas. This included regions under the control of the Syrian regime as well…

Salary Increases A Syrian Regime Policy Driving the Militarization of Society

Syria Muhsen Al Mustafa
Executive summary There is a prevailing pattern in salary increase process in syria along two main trends: Pricees of subsidized basic goods are increased by the regime’s government and soon after the head of the regime increases salaries, or vice…
Tuesday April 09
  Concept Note for Side Event at the 8th Brussels Conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” Harnessing Economic Autonomy for Peace: Reimagining Syria’s Path Forward Date:…
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Friday November 24
Early recovery in Syria stands out as one of the most significant variables that has started to take shape in recent years. There are indications of varying dynamics in early…
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Tuesday September 26
Dr. Ammar Kahf, Executive Director of the Omran Center for Strategic Studies and a board member of the Syrian Forum, participated in a side event hosted by the Syrian Forum.…
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