Omran Center for Strategic Studies with Support from SPI organized a side event at the 8th Brussels Conference on Supporting the Syrian people. The panel was entitled: "Harnessing Economic Autonomy for Peace: Reimagining Syria’s Path Forward." Our insightful panelists provided deep dives into economic strategies for peace in Syria.

Dr. Rim Tourkmani outlined Syria's current economic landscape, emphasizing the importance of strengthening local economies to contribute to peace efforts.

Mr. Samir Aita discussed granting regions economic autonomy, focusing on empowering SMEs and strengthening the middle class to impact the peace process positively.

Dr. Sinan Hatahet explored specific economic initiatives that support SMEs and the middle class, highlighting their significance in fostering political negotiations and sustainable peace.

The audience, comprising EU experts and governments' representatives,, development experts, and Syrian civil society leaders, engaged actively and offered diverse perspectives and solutions.

Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed to the enriching dialogue! Your participation is instrumental in driving our efforts forward.


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